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Black Noodle Museum (former Gonghwachun)

Black Noodle Museum (former Gonghwachun)Changes in Black Noodles that have occurred through the times
Registered cultural assets No. 246

짜장면 박물관
짜장면 생각나게 하는 짜장면 박물관
시대별 짜장면 변천사
Due to the establishment of the Qing Dynasty Concession after the opening of the port, Chinese restaurants sprung up around Chinatown. The port laborers that worked near Incheon port visited the Chinese restaurants more often; so, the restaurants developed black noodles that are easy to eat and inexpensive. Unlike the Zhajiangmian that is mixed with the Miyen sauce, the typical Chinese soybean paste, Black Noodles add sweet caramels that suit the Korean palate and they are made in a way that requires soaking. It has enjoyed immense popularity, positioning itself as a representative type of food in Korea.
화교역사와 짜장면
공화춘에서 쓰던 조리도구들
Black Noodle Museum is the first venue inspired by Black Noodle; it has been built in two stories on a land where the former Gonghwachun restaurant building was demolished. This two story stone brick building on granite framework is said to be part of the modern cultural heritage that shows the life of a Chinese emigrant. Gonghwchun, which developed black noodle for the first time, was a representative Chinese restaurant in Chinatown; it surely made a lot of money. However, the restaurant closed down in 1983 due to the government’s Chinese emigrant policy that restricted the property rights of Chinese emigrants.
졸업식 날에 특별히 짜장면을 먹던 당시 모습
Black Noodle Museum displays items and relics related to black noodles and Gonghwachun; it brought the former Gonghwachun kitchen and dining room into life through a mock-up. Chinese emigrants and senior citizens may find this place nostalgic, and it encourages young people to take an interest in how modern foods were developed. Once the tour around Black Noodle Museum is completed, one can visit the Chinese restaurant in the vicinity to compare and contrast various Black Noodles and enjoy diverse foods.
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