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Incheon Jung-gu


Traditional Market

Traditional Market

Sinpo International Market

Sinpo Market was formerly the Puseonggwijeon(a vegetable market) located in Sinpo-dong in late 19th century. There were about 20 kinds of grocery stores and all the store owners were Chinese farmer while most of the clients were Japanese. Chinese farmers sold Chinese cabbage, laddish, onion, tomato, red pepper, carrots, burdock, Chinese yam, lotus root etc. They brought the seeds from Shantung Province and farmed near Dohwa-dong and Sungui-dong to sell. This was the beginning of Chinese farmer not only in Incheon but also in Korea.

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Incheon Complex Fish Market

Incheon Complex fish market, the oldest fish wholesale market in the Seoul metropolitan area, is busy with people buying fish at low prices. About 500 shops are located in maze, and the area is known for its fresh fish caught in the Incheon area that day, attracting about 400 types of instant fish, shrimp, shellfish, and flatfish.

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Sinheung Market

The emerging market was once called the " bankrupt yukak, " and as the years went by, the pub was closed and turned into a regular pub. As the port is close to here, the port workers entered the bar and created a commercial market, becoming the emerging market of today.