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Incheon Jung-gu


Old Jemulpo Club

Old Jemulpo Club Site of modern international cultural exchange
City Tangible Cultural Property No. 17

Front of Jemulpo Gurakbu
Information on Jemulpo Gurakbu
Stairway connecting Jemulpo Gurakbu to Jayu Park
The Jemulpo Club was built in 1883 when Incheon opened its ports and was built to promote friendship and facilitate exchanges among foreigners from the United States, England, Germany, France, and the Netherlands who were living in Jemulpo.
This building, built in 1901, is a two-story brick building with a tin roof covering, and the interior consists of a library and a social room.
This is also the shooting location for the K-drama “Dokkaebi (Goblin)”.
Visitors can see old videos with people from the era.
A Bar providing liquor and beverages
After 1914, Japan used it as the Japanese Veterans' Hall, and after liberation, the US military used it as an officer's club.
From 1953 to 1990, it was used as the Incheon City Museum, Korea's first public museum, and from 1990 to 2006, it was used as the Incheon Cultural Center, and in 2007, it was reborn as Jemulpo Club.
Various international cultural exchange events are being held.
Visitors can try traditional costumes from around the world.
Traditional dolls, pottery, and architectural models from member states are on exhibit.
In 2007, the newly renovated Jemulpo Club held the Incheon International Cultural Exchange Festival with the former member countries such as England, Italy, Russia, Germany, and so on.
It serves as a window for cultural exchanges for the youth and citizens.
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25, Jayugongwonnam-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon (inside Freedom Park)
<Car> Gyeongin Expressway or 2nd Gyeongin Expressway → towards Wolmido → Jungdong Post Office → Hongyemun → Freedom Park
<Subway> Get off at Incheon Station on Line 1 → 5 minutes on foot