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Incheon Jung-gu


Yeonan Pier Ocean Plaza

Yeonan Pier Ocean PlazaA shelter in the city where the waves sway

Yeonan Pier Maritime Square
A Song “Yeonan Pier” Based on the Pier
3D Theater
The Ocean Plaza features the 7-story Ocean Plaza Observation Tower.
This building houses a ticket office for a cruise ship going to Palmido Island, a cafe, and an observation deck.
When you go up to the observation deck, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Yeonan Pier and the West Sea.
You can enjoy the liveliness of the fish market and the scenes of ships following the Yeonan coastal route from the port.
Russian traditional doll - Matryoshka
In the Ocean Plaza, there are memorial monuments and Matryoshka doll sculptures commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Russo-Japanese War and the Russian soldiers who died off the coast of Incheon.
There is also St. Petersburg Plaza, named after the Russian city.
In commemoration of the signing of an exchange agreement between Incheon and St. Petersburg, a plaza named after each other was created to signify friendship and appreciation for each other.
So, there is St Petersburg plaza in Incheon, and Incheon plaza in St Petersburg.
Outdoor Performance Stage
Joyful Spouts of Water
Joyful Spouts of Water2
Joyful Spouts of Water3
Water Playground at Maritime Square1
Water Playground at Maritime Square2
On one side of the plaza there are outdoor performance halls, water facilities, and a music fountain.
The water play facility blends in with the surrounding space and can be used like a regular playground when it is not summer.
The Musical Fountain sets the west sea as its background and is made up of fountains and sculptures of scallop, octopus, islands, music, seagulls, water sprays, and seaweed.
The fountain always attracts crowds of families and couples with its fantastic views of people dancing to the musical rhythm and colorful lights.
자연이 살아 숨쉬는 국제 관광도시
연안부두 해양광장
36, Yeonanbudu-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon
Gyeongin Expressway 1 → Turn left at the end point toward the Yeonan Pier, then turn right at the intersection → Yeonan Pier