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Guksabong Peak and Horyonggoksan Mountain

Guksabong Peak and Horyonggoksan MountainA fantastic path to climb while looking at the sea

Beginning of the Walking Trail
After passing over the bridge that connects Jamjindo and Muuido Islands, when you arrive at Muuido Island, the Guksabong Trail begins.
Guksabong Peak is a 230m altitude mountain rising in the middle of Muuido Island.
From here, you can continue climbing to Horyonggok Mountain along the foot of the mountain or descend to Hanagae Beach.
Enjoy the Scenery of Horyonggok Mountain
Horyonggoksan, whose name originates from the legend that tigers and dragons fought there in the old days, is a 244m low mountain, but it is the highest point on Muuido Island.
As you go up and down the mountain and overlook the sea, you can see the islands appearing to float in the West Sea and the horizon roaming, surrounded by the mist of the sea.
If you only want to climb Horyonggoksan, you can start climbing near the Hanagae recreation area.
Information on Horyonggok Mountain in Muuido
Pine trees, the Korean hornbeam tree, oak trees and more make up the lush forests, and you can observe a variety of rare plants there.
On the way up, you can see different strange and large rocks, such as the Horang Rock and Buddha Rock, and you can see the West Sea and surrounding islands at a glance.
If you descend from the top to Hanagae recreation area, you can walk along the forest path on the hillside on the beach and reach the 'dreamy path' where the dazzling sea spreads under your feet.
자연이 살아 숨쉬는 국제 관광도시
Guksabong / Horyonggok Mountain
Whole area of Hanagae-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon
* Yeongjongdaegyo Bridge→Airport Expressway→Yongyudo·Muuido Access Road (within about 1.2km past Sinbul IC)→Jamjin-Muui Bridge→Muuido Island
* The 2nd Gyeongin Expressway → Incheondaegyo Bridge → Incheon Airport → Yongyudo·Muuido Access Road (within about 1.2km past Sinbul IC) → Jamjin-Muui Bridge → Muuido Island
자연이 살아 숨쉬는 국제 관광도시