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인천광역시 중구 문화관광


Incheon Jung-gu


Dongincheon Samchi Street

Dongincheon Samchi StreetMemories of Samchi (Grilled Spanish Mackerel) and Makgeolli (Raw Rice Wine)

Dongincheon Samchi (Spanish Mackerel) street statue

Enter the alley across from Dongincheon Station and go up a bit, and you can find the sign for “Dongincheon Samchi Geori”.
Beginning with the sign, Grilled Spanish Mackerel Restaurants densely line the street.
Dongincheon Samchi Geori is Korea’s only street of grilled Spanish mackerel restaurants. Grilled Spanish mackerel works in perfect harmony with makgeolli (raw rice wine). Even if the Spanish Mackerel are not seasoned, the level of saltiness is just right, so it makes a great side dish with makgeolli.

Uhyeon-ro 67beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon
Line 1 Dongincheon Station → Exit 2 → Next to Youth Culture and Arts Center
Dongincheon Samchi (Spanish Mackerel) street rough map