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Yeongjongdo Island Story Course

Yeongjongdo Island Story Course

Yeongjongdo Island is a place you can access by plane, by Yeongjongdaegyo Bridge and Incheondaegyo Bridge, and by boat from Wolmido Island.
It is so conveniently accessible by air, sea, or land that the word island does not seem to accurately describe it. It is a place that serves as a gateway to Incheon International Airport.

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    Yonggungsa Temple
    Yonggungsa TempleIt is said that it was founded by the Great Master Wonhyo in the 10th year (670) of King Munmu in Silla 1,300 years ago to the east of Baegunsan Mountain, located in the center of Yeongjongdo Island, and was called Baegunsa Temple.
    Yonggungsa Temple, also known as Gudamsa Temple, is located on a flat site at the foot of Baegunsan Mountain on Yeongjongdo Island.
    There are buildings such as Yonggungsa Gwaneumjeon, Yonghwanggak, Chilseonggak, and Yosaechae, and there is a magnificent Maitreya Buddha 11m in height.
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    Monument Relics, Monument of YangJuseong
    Yujeokgwanjeokbi / Yangjuseong GeumsokbiThe Yujeokgwanjeokbi monument of Yeongjong Island were collected during the 1600s and 1800s, and are relics of high cultural preservation value.
    There were governmental authorities and offices such as Jin and defensive soldiers on Yeongjong Island, so a lot of official monuments remained.
    In 1984, 14 government monuments scattered around Yeongjongdo Island were collected and preserved in Yeongjong-dong Senior Citizens' Hall.
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    Incheon Student Science Center
    Incheon Student Science MuseumThe Incheon Student Science Museum, opened in 2002, is a high-quality science educational space, loved by not only stThe Incheon Student Science Museum, which opened in 2002, is a high-quality science experience space that can be found not onlyin Incheon, but also in Gyeonggi and Seoul.
    A variety of programs are available so that children who like science can not only look at things at the science center, but also participate in activities.
    By running a student participation program like this, it was selected as the 'Best Science Center in 2017' and won the Minister of Science, Technology and Communication Award.
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    Incheon Bridge Memorial Hall
    Incheondaegyo Bridge Memorial HallIncheon Bridge is one of the world's top 10 construction projects, and the Memorial Hall was opened in 2010 to record and commemorate them.
    Here, you can see the entire process, excellence, economic performance, and ripple effects of the Incheon Bridge project, and you can climb the observation deck to see the skyline of Songdo International City and the view of Incheondaegyo Bridge.
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    BMW Driving Center
    BMW Driving CenterThe BMW Driving Center is the only place in Asia where you can test-drive the top-of-the-line BMW series, offering racing and diverse experiences on six different courses.
    With an area of 240,000 square meters, which is roughly about 33 soccer fields, the BMW Driving Center is a place where you can enjoy the most intense experiences near the city, as well as a variety of cultural experiences.
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    Yeongjong History Museum
    Yeongjong History MuseumYeongjong History Museum is a municipal museum in Jung-gu, Incheon, located at the site of Yeongjongjin.
    It is a cultural platform that informs visitors about the long history and culture of Yeongjongdo Island. At the Yeongjong Museum, you can see prehistoric relics unearthed during the Incheon International Airport construction project and thechanges on Yeongjong Island from the past to the present.
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    Sea Side Park
    Seaside Park (rail bike, campsite)Seaside Park is an 8km long seaside park located on Yeongjongdo Island.
    The park is stretched long so it looks small, but it actually has an area of 1,771 thousand square meters, the size of the entire area of Yeouido.
    Divided into 5 small parks, you can enjoy different views of the Incheon coastline, and the views of Incheondaegyo Bridge and Wolmido Island from the park are wonderful.
    The tidal flat revealed with the highs and lows of the tide, along with the magnificent background created by the sunset's reflection on the West Sea, are quite the unusual sceneries.
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    Incheon International Airport
    Incheon International AirportIncheon International Airport is recognized as the world's hub and the world's best airport.
    Even if you don't go abroad, Incheon International Airport has become a theme destination.
    There are many restaurants to eat at and many things to see, including cultural performances, cinemas, and amusement facilities. With the recently established Maglev Railway, it has become more convenient to travel from there to nearby touristdestinations.