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Wolmido Island Story Course

Wolmido Island Story Course

Wolmido Island, named for resembling the tail of the moon, was the main stage of modern history such as the Russo-Japanese War, Byeongin Yangyo (French campaign of Ganghwa Island), and the Incheon Landing Operation, and is a representative recreational area in Korea. It was also famous for Wolmido Jotang (brine bath).

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    Wolmi Theme Park
    Wolmi Amusement Park Named Wolmido because it resembles the tail of the moon, it features Wolmi Amusement Park, a representative Korean recreational area.
    It is a great place to enjoy your leisure time on a date or on a family outing.
    It is convenient to visit and enjoy as all the facilities necessary for a trip, such as the cafe village, restaurants, lodging facilities, and theme parks are close by.
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    Wolmido Island Cruise
    Wolmido Island Cruise ShipOn Wolmido Island, there is a cruise ship on which you can enjoy the wonderful sea and scenery of Incheon.
    Depending on its operation time, you can enjoy the view of Incheon Port, Yeongjongdaegyo Bridge, and the sea, or you can enjoy the view of Incheondaegyo Bridge, the sunset, and Incheon's night view.
    Please choose by referring to the operation schedule and route.
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    Wolmi Cultural Street Water Front
    Wolmi Cultural Street Waterfront SpaceWolmi Cultural Street Waterfront Space utilizes the scenery of the Incheon Bridge and West Sea for relaxation and cultural events.
    You can get closer to and experience the ocean through the resting and theme spaces, observatory, and starlight, waterscape, and event plazas.
    Walking through the Cultural Street, it is a pleasant space where various things you can see and eat are found along the road.
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    Wolmido Lighthouse Road
    Wolmido Lighthouse Road Wolmido Lighthouse Road is a breakwater path where you can enjoy walking toward the Wolmido Lighthouse and the sea.
    You can enjoy its beautiful scenery throughout the week, during sunset, at night, and any other time.
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    Wolmi Park
    Wolmi ParkAlthough access for citizens had been restricted for 50 years, it is now open and serves as a resting place for travelers with its forest trail.
    The Wolmi Observation Deck, which is located at the peak at 108m, offers a view of Incheon Port, the surrounding islands, and the scenery, so many people seek the place out.
    It is also famous for its beautiful night view. In addition to the scenery, there are many things to see, such as an ecological park with beautifully preserved nature and a traditional park where you can feel the history.
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    Wolmi Cultural Center
    Wolmi Cultural CenterThe Wolmi Cultural Center located in Wolmi Park consists of exhibition rooms and experience spaces with various themes where you can directly feel and experience the history of Incheon and Korean traditional culture.
    It is a two-story hanok building where you can experience traditional court culture on the first floor and traditional Korean food in the basement.
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    Wolmi Observatory
    Wolmi ObservatoryAt the top of Wolmisan Mountain, you can see Incheon Port, and on a clear day Yeongjongdo and Yongyudo Islands. The observation points are the top of Wolmisan, Yepo Plaza, and Wolmi Observatory.
    In recent years, there are so many tall buildings that there are few places suitable for viewing Incheon Port, but if you climb here, you can get a beautiful view of Incheon Port.
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    The Museum of Korea Emigration History
    Museum of Korean Emigration HistoryThe Korean Emigration History Museum was built to examine the history of emigration from Korea, commemorate the overseas achievements and pioneering of our ancestors, and convey them to our descendants.
    It was opened in 2008 on the 100th anniversary of emigration to the United States to commemorate the lives of our ancestors who went abroad.
    The museum holds over 4,400 artifacts donated or purchased from overseas Koreans.
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    The Eoeulmi Center
    The Eoeulmi CenterEoeulmi Center is a historical and cultural space that introduces and promotes various historical and cultural heritages along with the long history of Wolmido Island.
    It is also a resting place for tourists and local residents visiting Wolmido Island.
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    Incheon Port Floodgate
    Incheon Port Lock GateThe Incheon Port Lock Gate is Korea's first lock gate and allows for the safe passage of sea vessels at the port, which is at the center of Korean trade.
    It overcomes the tidal difference of up to 10m and allows ships to enter and depart 24 hours a day.
    Since Incheon Port is a security facility, access to the public is restricted, but if you apply for a visit, you can visit the Lock Gate Promotion Center.
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    Wolmi Sea Train
    Wolmi Sea TrainWolmi Sea Train is the longest urban tourism monorail in Korea.
    It circulates Wolmido Island in Incheon and was selected as among the "100 Best of Korean Tourism" proposed by the Korea Tourism Organization.
    From 7m to a maximum of 18m above ground, you can view the scenery of Wolmido, Incheon Port, the West Sea, and Incheondaegyo Bridge in the distance.