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Yeonan Pier Story Course

Yeonan Pier Story Course

Yeonan Pier, which connects nature, islands, and coastal cities of China by car ferry, has a fish market where you can taste and experience the vast sea resources of the Yellow Sea, and a terminal and port where you can enjoy a view of ships following the Yeonan coastal route from the port.

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    Yeonan Pier Ocean Plaza
    Yeonan Pier Ocean Plaza The Yeonan Pier is where passenger ships traveling between the west coast islands and vast amounts of materials come through.
    It also has fish markets and raw fish stores near the seaside, and seawater baths in clean sea water. It is always a lively pier with people leaving and visiting.
    There is a marine plaza that serves as a resting place for citizens that features cultural performances, a music fountain, a water playground, and more.
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    Sea fishing
    Sea fishingMany fishing boats are moored at the Yeonan and South Piers. If you depart for the West Sea in the early morning hours, after a couple of hours, you can drop a fishing rod in the clean waters of Palmido Island in Jung-gu, Deokjeokdo Island in Ongjin-gun, offshore Seungbongdo Island, and Pungdo Island in Chungcheong-do.
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    Ocean fishing
    Large-eyed Herring Sliced Raw Fish Dish StreetAs large-eyed herring cuisine became popular at Yeonan Pier, specialty stores increased one by one, and the Large-eyed Herring Sliced Raw Fish Dish Street was created.
    It is called a street but it is actually a large three-story building. Enjoy sweet and sour large-eyed herring while overlooking Yeonan Pier's seas.
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    Incheon General Fish MarketIncheon General Fish Market is a large fish market that sells a variety of seafood caught in the West Sea. It is one of the largest seafood distribution markets in Korea.
    You can purchase fresh sliced raw fish at a reasonable price, and you can eat at a restaurant in the fish market for a fee. In addition to seafood, they also sell dried fish and salted fish.
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    Palmido Island
    Palmido IslandPalmido Island is said to be like the figure eight (pal) when viewed from above because a large island and a small island are joined together by four columns (saju).
    It is a mysterious uninhabited island that has been open for the first time in over 100 years. It is the site of Korea's first lighthouse, built in 1903, and played an important role during the Incheon landing operation.
    When you go up to the lighthouse observatory, you can see the surrounding islands and Incheondaegyo Bridge.