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Yongyudo Yongyu & Muuido Island Story Course

Yongyudo Yongyu & Muuido Island Story Course

You can enjoy the beautiful sea on a trip to the islands like Yongyudo Island, which is famous for its beautiful scenery, and Muuido Island and Silmido Island, where families and young couples often visit.

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    Wangsan Marina Yachting Ground
    Wangsan Marina Yachting GroundA marina is a place with harbor accommodations and a berthage for yachts and recreational motorboats, and is a port with restaurants and lodging facilities.
    By looking at the size and operational method of a marina port, you can gauge the level of maritime leisure culture in that country.
    It might seem a bit unusual, but Incheon has the largest marina port in Korea.
    It is Wangsan Marina Yacht Ground, located near Wangsan Beach.
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    Eulwangri and Wangsan Beach
    Eulwangri and Wangsan BeachEulwangri Beach and Wangsan Beach are representative beaches in Jung-gu, Incheon.
    Because they are close to the city center and can be conveniently accessed by transportation, they are popular places for many people to play in the water in the summer.
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    House of Jo Byeong-su
    House of Jo Byeong-suThe House of Jo Byeong-su is a historical house from the late Joseon Dynasty, located in Nambuk-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon.
    It is a typical middle-style house built in 1890 and was designated as Incheon Metropolitan City Cultural Heritage Resource No. 16.
    It has been lived in and cared for by Jo's descendants, and is characterized by the guesthouse experience, Ogamul, it offers in which you can experience staying in a hanok (Korean traditional house).
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    Seonyeo (Fairy) Rock
    Seonyeo (Fairy) RockYongyudo Island has 8 designated scenic views that boast beautiful beaches and natural scenery.
    Among them, the 3rd view is the huge Seonyeo (Fairy Rock Beach. Fairy Rock beach has lots of large rocks that resemble the ones of the beaches of the East Coast.
    It is a place where the various shapes of rock formations on the rocky cliffs form a superb view.
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    3.1 National Independence Movement Monument
    3.1 National Independence Movement MonumentAt the entrance to the village of Yongyu-dong, there is a monument to the March 1 Independence Movement.
    This monument was erected to commemorate the independence movement that Jo Myeong-won, the leading group, and 150 residents participated in.
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    Masian Beach·Jamjin-Mueu Bridge
    Masian Beach·Jamjin-Mueu BridgeMasian Beach is the fourth of the eight scenic spots of Yongyu, Myeongsasimni, and boasts a long sandy beach and beautiful scenery.
    If the tide is right, you can even enjoy the tidal flat experience. Now you can go to Muuido Island at any time using the Jamjin-Muui Bridge (tentative name) from Masian Beach.
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    Hanagae Recreation Area
    Hanagae Recreation AreaWith the opening of the bridge connecting Jamjindo and Muuido Islands, the latter island can now be accessed conveniently by public transportation or vehicle.
    It is a place many people visit for its vast tidal flats and beautiful natural scenery.
    If the time is right, you can walk to Silmido Island at low tide, and you can enter Somuuido Island using the pedestrian overpass. However, we recommend that you stop by Hanagae recreation area on Muuido.
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    Guksabong Peak and Horyonggoksan Mountain
    Guksabong Peak and Horyonggoksan MountainIn Muuido Island, there are Guksabong Peak and Horyonggoksan Mountain, which have rich forests diverse in tree species.
    If you start the hike right away, you will pass over Guksabong Peak (236m) to Horyonggoksan Mountain.
    It takes about two hours to climb, and the mountain is not difficult, so it is perfect for hiking with the family.
    At the top, you can see the magnificent view of Seungbongdo Island, Jawoldo Island, and Incheon International Airport.
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    Small Muuido
    Small MuuidoWhen you cross the pedestrian overpass from DaeMuuido (Large Muuido), you will arrive at a small island called Somuuido (Small Muuido).
    It is also known as 'temuri' and has a total of eight sections along the coastline.
    You can enjoy trekking lightly along the 2.5km coastal trail. At low tide when the seawater falls, you can trek along the 0.75km sea path.
    There, you can see the outstanding natural scenery such as coastal cliffs and strange rocks.
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    Silmido Island
    Silmido IslandYou can reach Muuido Island in 5 minutes by boat from Jamjindo Pier, but you can only go to Silmido Island twice a day at low tide, so it's a good idea to check in advance for the time of the sea splitting.
    At low tide, cross the stepping stone bridge on Silmimose-gil road to enter Silmido, where you can experience picking up seafood such as Manila clams, conches, and crabs on the tidal flat.